What Is Outdoor Substation And Its Advantages?

Posted by Admin on January, 22, 2022

Outdoor substations are the ones that are used for high-level voltages that fall between 55 to 765 KV. This kind of Substations needs less time for construction but it needs more amount of space compared to other substations. There are mainly two types of outdoor substations they are the foundation mounted sustains and the pole mounted substations. The outdoor substation manufacturer produces both kinds as different areas use different substations for their use.

What Is A Mounted Substation?

The mounted substations are used for the support of the transformers that distribute current all around the area. The capacity of these transformers is around 250 KVA. The mounted substations are the simplest, cheapest and smallest of distributions. The equipment that is used are all the same for the outdoor type and these are mounted with the support structure that has high tension distribution lines. The mechanical triple pole is operated with the use of a switch that turns on and off the tension transmission lines.

The high tension fuse is mainly used to protect the transmission line that is high tension. To control the low tension lines, the switches of low tension is used along with the fuses that are well equipped. The poles mounted substations needs to be earthed at least two or even more places.

What Is Pole Mounted Outdoor Substation?

The pole-mounted outdoor substation has a capacity of around 125 KVA. These have a structure that consists of a double pole. This kind of transformer usually has a capacity that falls under the capacity of 125-250 KVA four-pole structures that are the best platforms to be used. This kind of Substations is generally placed at a location that is populated thickly.

The cost of maintenance of the pole-mounted substations is usually low and by the use of a large number of the substation that is placed in the town. This is desirable to provide distributors that are low cost. Today the transformers numbers are increasing day by day and the entire KVA is getting increases and there are no losses of load and increase in the cost of KVA.

What Is Foundation Mounted Substation?

The foundation mounted substation that has equipment area assembled and these substations are embedded by the fence for safety. The tools that are needed for this kind of Substations are generally heavier and therefore the site that you have selected for this kind of Substations should have heavy transportation. The substation of the foundation mounted is used by plenty of people.

What Are The Advantages Of Outdoor Substations?

The Advantages of the outdoor substations are as follows. Keep reading to know about them in detail.

• The tools that are used in the outdoor substations are within the view and therefore the easy fault location.

• The time that is required in the construction of these substations are very less.

• The building materials are used in a smaller amount such as concrete and steel is needed.

• The work of construction that is needed is lesser compared to the other substations.

These are some of the benefits of using outdoor substations. Choose to deal with the best outdoor substations manufacturer and get the best products.

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